Cyber Risk Assessment for SMEs

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Do you know the digital footprint of your company?

How vulnerable is your company to digital attacks?

What services do we offer

Your cyber risk needs analysis. It used to be time-consuming and costly – now it’s not anymore. We have developed methods that quickly, easily and comprehensively provide an SME with a concrete picture of existing cyber threats. We analyze and identify dangers from the net in particular for small and medium-size enterprises (SME), which often do not have the necessary resources to protect themselves sufficiently.

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Risk Assessments


Our DOMAIN CYBER CHECK is an outside-in-view. Developed for corporate customers who want to gain an initial overview of their cyber risk profile and possible weak points with little effort and low cost. We act in front of your firewall and collect publicly accessible data, which we evaluate, summarise and process for you with the help of artificial intelligence, serve as a basis for our analysis.


We provide you with a report that has two main elements:

  • Two KPIs about your risk potential and your vulnerability of business interruption.
  • A detailed report of all the remarkable findings of the assessment


And most importantly it is written to be easily understood.


Our BUSINESS BASICS CYBER CHECK is an inside-out-view. It s aimed at SMEs that are looking for a detailed but easy to handle assessment. It leads to a comprehensive examination of potential cyber risks and addresses eight core areas of the company. The analysis is based on internal company data, which is systematically requested through an online questionnaire.


A report containing a detailed list of potential risks and concrete measures, consisting of:

  • All 8 evaluated categories are provided with key figures
  • Cyber security maturity assessment for every single category


Best practices will guide and support you.

Risk awareness

Offline we have been protecting ourselves against unauthorized access for years. The same is now required of us for the online world in order to prevent cyber-attacks happening. Cyberattacks can affect anyone and anytime.


In response to the significant increase in cyber-attacks, threat awareness has increased significantly. Driven by digital transformation and especially the Internet of Things, more and more companies are recognising the growing effects of security gaps might have on their business.

The majority of cyber crime targets businesses


of cyber crime is conducted by 'insiders

$bn est annual cost


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