Cyber Risk Assessment for SMEs

Do you know the digital footprint of your company?

How vulnerable is your company to digital attacks?

What we do

Cyber risk analysis used to be time-consuming and costly. With the help of artificial intelligence and big data analyses, we have developed methods that quickly, easily and comprehensively give an SME a concrete picture of existing cyber threats. Gryves analyses and identifies dangers from the network, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often do not have the necessary resources to adequately protect themselves. An attack on your system can quickly lead to data loss, system failure or a complete shutdown. As part of our assessments, we point out specific weak points and, if desired, provide support in risk mitigation and possible risk transfer to a competent insurance company. Are you an entrepreneur? Then we recommend that you get an idea of your existing cyber risks now. This is the only way to be informed and take appropriate measures.

Gryves Cyber Risk Assessments


Your effort: 1 minute

Our DOMAIN CYBER CHECK was developed for customers who want to gain an initial overview of their risk profile and possible weak points with little effort and low cost. Publicly accessible data, which we evaluate, summarise and process for you with the help of artificial intelligence, serve as a basis for our analysis.


Three key figures: 1. risk potential, 2. estimated financial damage in the event of an attack, 3. probability of business interruption


Your effort: 1 hour

Our BUSINESS BASICS CYBER CHECK is aimed at SMEs that have already identified certain gaps. It leads to a comprehensive examination of potential cyber risks and addresses eight core areas of the company. The analysis is based on internal company data, which is systematically requested through an online questionnaire.


A report with a detailed list of potential risks and concrete measures that have been successfully applied in similar risk scenarios.

On Site

Your effort: as of 1 day

The on-site assessment is our most comprehensive cyber assessment; a Gryves Cyber Risk specialist comes to your company and assesses all the security-relevant topics with you. We work according to official standards such as NIST, ISOIEC 27001 and/or others.


Standard complying audits (NIST, ISOIEC 27001 and/or others) Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Risk awareness

Offline we have been protecting ourselves against unauthorized access for years. The same is now required of us for the online world in order to prevent cyber-attacks happening. To a certain extent, we follow the same path a hacker might take find a weak point on your digital footprint. Imagine your company is a house and we try to get access to it. We check all the doors, garage doors and windows. We are often surprised how many doors, windows and even garage doors are left wide open without the owners knowing about it. Cyberattacks can affect anyone today, and we distinguish between the different types:
Targeted attacks

Targeted attacks are aimed at a specific organisation and try to inflict damage on it by all means.

Vulnerability specific attacks

Vulnerability specific attacks are indiscriminate and seek their victims based on existing and identified weaknesses that an organisation has.


In response to the significant increase in cyber-attacks in recent months, threat awareness has increased significantly. Driven by digital transformation and especially the Internet of Things, more and more companies are recognising the growing effects of security gaps might have on their business.

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